Money For Old PCs

There has been a massive rise in firms offering to reuse your old cellphones for money. This is a great idea for people who have a few mobile phones knocking around in their drawer somewhere.

However an identical scheme has popped up for old laptops. The grounds is still the same: you put in the model number into the website, and they give you a price, subject to survey. You post it, they approve it, job done. It is that simple.

However it isn’t all peachy. Those websites seem to offer you a much lower price for them then if you had sold it yourself. Possibly this is because of the fact that there may be for more things that could potentially go wrong with a PC then with a cell-phone. This still does not justify paying out up to 5 times less than if you were to sell it yourself.

The costs also vary significantly between sites. On occasion, you might find the price that being offer for your portable computer could be double the offer presented to you at the last site. Then there’s also the issue of your personal information. None of the current batch of laptop PC trade-in sites has given any specifics about what they do to your data when they receive your laptop computer.

So are there possible choices? Well, if you want to get the maximum for your money, then you’re far better off selling it yourself on auction internet sites like eBay or even advertising it on Gumtree. This strategy also allows you to price your device correctly, especially if you have upgraded it or purchased the non-base model.

So if you have an old portable computer that you think could be hard to sell, or your IT support team has a pile of old ones in their office, perhaps now is a very good time to try out those websites and see if you’re happy with the offer cost. If not, it is always possible to get a better price by auctioning it on the web.

Michael Kiruba-Raja has been implementing IT soultions for about 15 years for non-public and business clients, both in Great Britain and internationally. He now works for Prosyn, a firm that is a specialist in small business IT support. Prosyn brings enterprise level solutions of IT support in London and surrounding counties across a large variety of industries.

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