Features Of Call Tracking

There is a lot of competition in any industry sector in this current economic climate, but the Internet and digital marketing means that it can be easier for smaller, remote businesses to promote to a wider audience.  These lesser known companies can now advertise to people they otherwise might not have been able to and create sales leads from new people that prefer researching online before buying.  The key to any company’s success is converting sales leads to sales, and with many people choosing to complete purchases by telephone after researching on the Internet, it is important for a business to know what factors are driving people to call them and how frequenly these calls lead to sales. By using a call tracking solution, you can collect data on what people were looking at before, during and after a call, and use this data to review and then adapt your online advertising, developing campaigns that are creating leads and sales, and improving or stopping campaigns that aren’t. Here are 3 interesting features of call tracking:

• Discover what produces calls – The conversion rate for telephone calls is approximately 30% – 50% but the conversion rate for a website is just 1% – 3%.  By seeing what digital marketing is driving people to call you, you can further encourage these calls to get a better opportunity to convert a lead into a sale, and possibly increase the amount a customer spends with upselling or cross selling.
• Record your calls – call tracking solutions allows you to record calls.  This means that if you see that a number of calls are not progressing into sales you can listen to the calls, identify potential barriers to conversion and train staff appropriately.
Monitor missed calls – call tracking software emails you a ‘missed call alert’ if a phone call is left unanswered, allowing you to call them back to address queries and promote your business.  The alert will also show you which pages the viewer was looking at prior to and during the call, allowing your call handler to be best equipped to answer specific questions.

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