The mental acuity and correctness of lawyers, as well as their gift with making use of words, would be a huge factor that makes up an effective and winning strategy in criminal defense in any courtroom in the land. Criminal cases tend to be tricky, depending on the nature of the accusations; hence, strategies of criminal defense will vary. No one strategy can be said to have a full positive outcome in more than one case, though that is not a fully acclaimed fact.

The truth is always your best bet, so that makes it the top strategy that has to be employed. Here, the client will have to be completely honest with his lawyers regarding the case. But there is an argument about the truth having different shades. This is where the lawyer and the client will have to delve into to come up with their defense. An example we could look into is a murder case. It could have been done out of self-defense or because the client was provoked into doing it. These truths can be very useful when the attorney and the client are working out how to come up with a defense that could help him get an acquittal.

It is safe to say that there are three elements to the truth that the client should stick to as the case progresses. If the client confesses of the accusations, the lawyer will look into the various reasons that lead to the events. If the client repudiates the accusations, the lawyer will push for facts that clear indicated that his or her client is vindicated from events. On the other hand, it could be a case of combining the first two elements. The client witnessed the crime and could even be said to have been partially involved. However, he did not commit the crime, as he was accused. The theoretical framework of the entire defense will rely heavily on how these three variations of the truth will be put into play.

Next, the lawyer will then proceed to compare the facts as presented by the client to the facts as stated in the police reports. Here, the lawyer is likely to spot loopholes or inconsistencies with the chain of events. He may also even spot parts where the prosecution would be weak and he could use it to strengthen his defense. The lawyer, who has the actual facts in his possession, will be able to draw up a consistent and strong defense that he can use to have his client walk free. Using this truth, the prosecutor’s claims will be discredited. At times, the will use what the prosecution has to say about the crime against the same word.

Here is another strategy: let the accused know all there is to know about the defense. Here, the client would have to agree to bend and twist the truth a bit. In order to avoid jeopardizing the defense, he should then avoid telling any lies that could do that. Some coaching will be required where the client will be told exactly what would happen when they take the stand and what they will say. They would have to do simulations of cross-examinations, where the lawyer will give the client a taste of what it could be like once the prosecution has its turn with him. Such a move ensures that the accused will a solid story that goes in his or her favor criminal defense.

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