Turning Leads Into Sales With Call Tracking Technology

Call tracking is most often used to obtain an accurate picture of the Return On Investment of a company’s marketing activity, but there are some features of call tracking services that can assist a company actually make a sale.  Here are some features of call tracking technology that can help you convert leads into sales:
•    Dynamic Call Routing: This can be initiated so you can direct phone calls produced by selected campaigns to different divisions.  This means that phone calls relevant to certain campaigns can be directed to the best department so they do not need to be redirected, givving a better customer experience to callers.
•    Call Whisper: This feature allows you to create a short message that can be played to the call handler before and/or after the call. You can customise this message and choose from a variety of call or visitor based information.  This means that the person handling the call will be able to see which marketing campaign drove the caller to make the call, and if it was from a search engine, the keyword that was used to find the website.  The call handler is then more prepared to handle the call appropriately depending on the motivation behind the call.
•    Missed Call Alert Emails: A missed call alert email feature will record information on any missed calls and then sends an email to any member of staff you choose to inform them of the missed call, their contact details where possible, and the kind of marketing activity motivated them to call, making it possible for a member of staff to contact them in an educated manner.
•    Call Recording: This feature means you can record any calls made to your business in order to monitor the handling of the call, identify any issues, and perform any staff training needed.
If you are looking to get a holistic picture of the ROI of your marketing including your online to offline conversions and where your phone sales are coming from, call tracking services are a innovative bit of technology to help you with this.  Call tracking has a number of applications though, and can also assist you convert leads into sales as well as monitoring the efficiency of your marketing activity.

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