Supplying Your Customers With What They Want

A large number of companies have predetermined that customers do not know what they want until they see it, however, in an age where over half the homes in the UK have access to the internet, and the utilization of smartphones to access the internet rising, consumers can research products/services they are interested in specifically.  This escalates the need for two things; providing a product and/or service that people will actively search for, and online advertising. 

Whilst it is a good idea to use a varied mix of marketing making use of different channels, the high use of the internet means that online marketing is an invaluable tool.  In the same way that you are supplying products and/or services that appeals to people, you should also aim to have marketing that appeals to people.  No matter what kind of, or mix of, online marketing you are carrying out, it is important that it is time and cost effective by reaching your audience.  It is not possible to know whether your online marketing is reaching people, getting you customers and making you money without monitoring it.

There are a number of monitoring tools you can utilise to objectively measure your digital marketing. Web analytics can show you how much traffic your business website is receiving and where it is coming from, for example search engines, PPC advertising, links from online content or social media. Website analytics can also give you data on if this traffic is converting to online sales, but what it cannot measure is the amount of offline sales that are being generated by your digital marketing.  You can attempt to track instore sales by providing online coupons, but a hard and fast way of tracking online to offline conversions in depth is sales by phone.  Call tracking technology will enable you to view which of your online marketing channel that has triggered the call by providing each website visitor with an individual phone number, and you can connect every phone call to a website visitor; following their journey through your business’s site from the phrase or link used to find your site to what the viewer looks at before, during and after a call.  Call tracking technology integrated with web analytics means you can measure how efficient your digital marketing is and modify it to give your clients what they want in the future.

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