Don’t Let Mobility Issues Spoil Your Vacation

If someone asks you if you’d like to go on holiday with them you might decide to turn down the offer because you can’t walk and move around as well as you once could. No one likes to think they might be a burden on those around them. This doesn’t have to be necessarily so.

If you want to go on holiday you have a couple of possible solutions that you might like to think about. One option is folding mobility scooters that are designed to be portable and are easy to transport in a car. Once on your scooter you can keep apace with everyone else. If you haven’t got one you already you could always hire one for the duration of your holiday.

If you opt for a scooter you need to be able to recharge the batteries between excursions out. If you’re not very mechanically minded then you’ll need a few minutes or so to master the controls and steering.

If you don’t like the idea of using a scooter then you might like to consider using a wheelchair. These days you can get ones that fold up so they are easy to transport in a car. If you are feeling particularly sprightly that day you can leave it in the car. If you know it’s going to be a long day then you can take the wheelchair with you and sit in it when necessary. Even if you’re not using it to get about in, it still makes for a convenient seat to rest in if you have to wait for any length of time.

These lightweight wheelchairs aren’t particularly expensive so might like to consider also getting a portable wheelchair ramp to get you over small obstacles and thresholds. You might also want to purchase a wheelchair pad to make sitting in the seat a little more comfortable.

Whether using a mobility scooter or wheelchair, don’t leave your walking stick behind because it will maximise your ability to get around in allsorts of places. So don’t say no, say yes instead and enjoy spending time with your family.

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