Stay Focused On Your Business With Simple Organization Tips

The world consists of two types.  Those who are genetically organized, and those who are not.  Do you fall in the second group?  Don’t worry!  There are ways to stay organized in your small business. 

There are a lot of great reasons to stay organized.  A person who is organized can complete their work much more efficiently.  They remember important events and meetings.  They are more relaxed and feel in control of their day.  This article will give you some realistic techniques to stay organized even if you feel you are a hopeless cause:

Don’t Let The Sun Set on a Mess

Don’t head out the door in the evening without taking a short amount of time to straighten your desk.  Gather  your pens, stapler, and other tools together so you can find them in the morning.  Throw out the trash and get rid of any used cups or other things that don’t belong. 

Most important, quickly go through the papers cluttering up the desk and stack them somewhat in the order they need to be tackled in the morning.  This is also the perfect opportunity to jot down a to-do list for tomorrow, and rank each item as to importance. 

You will find that this simple 10 minute process each evening will fire you up to jump in feet first the next day to complete what needs to be done. 

Use the Rule of 3 to Group Work Product

There are those people with organization stamped on their forehead who never waste time looking for what they need to complete a task.  The rest of us make up the bigger population.  The rule of 3 is a helpful technique that has worked for me in finding work betters when I need them. 

The idea is not tricky.  Never have more than 3 stacks going at a time.  The first stack contains the most pressing items you hope to accomplish within the day.  Next, are those items to accomplish sometime during the week, and the final stack contains those less pressing items to get to within the month.  You may need to dedicate some time up front to get these three stacks organized, but the time will be ultimately saved as you are able to find needed paperwork much more quickly without digging through everything on your desk. 

Just Do It

Ultimately, the longer you wait to find an organization system that works for you and your small business, the more opportunities you miss for your small business.  Being organized allows you to spend more of your day focused on your small business and making it a success.  And remember, one person’s organization is another person’s nightmare.  So find the system that works for you and make sure you can commit to using it every day.     

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