Using Mind Mapping To Plan A Growth Strategy For Your Business

One of the key components for facilitating the growth of a business is having a clear strategy for how this growth will be achieved. This strategy should include the main areas in which growth is desired, as well as clear goals and criteria by which to evaluate this growth. Mind Mapping is one tool that can be incredibly beneficial for outlining such a strategy, due to its highly intuitive and visual method of spatial diagramming. With Mind Maps, companies can literally “map out” all the aspects of their growth strategy in one document, using images, colors, or other graphics as desired. Organizing information in this manner has been shown to allow the brain to process and recall the information more naturally, as well as allow one to work with the information more efficiently. Thus, Mind Mapping offers those looking to develop a clear plan for taking their business to the next level a creative and effective means for doing so.

Developing a Strategy for Business Growth Using Mind Mapping

The owner of a small business wants to develop a strategy for growing his company over the next year. He decides that the groundwork for this plan is to determine the specific areas of his company that he wants to grow and the specific goals he has for achieving this growth. Using Mind Mapping, the owner begins constructing a map of his strategy by, first, representing the purpose of the map, his company’s growth strategy, in the map’s center. He then adds branches to the map, on which he lists the specific company areas that he’s looking to grow. On child branches that are attached to each branch, he then lists each goal he has for achieving growth in each area. As the year progresses, the owner adds any comments he has about how well his company is reaching each goal on twigs that he attaches to each child branch. Throughout his Mind Map, the owner uses colors, images, and other graphics to make his mind map more creative and his company growth strategy easier to conceptualize. When he has completed his map, it looks similar to the attached Mind Map diagram.

Achieving Company Growth

In the year since developing his strategy for growing his company, the business owner has seen his company achieve substantial growth. All of the goals he had for achieving this growth have been met or exceeded, thanks to his staying on top of the goals using Mind Mapping. The Mind Map he constructed at the beginning of the year allowed the owner to not only “map out” these goals, but also evaluate how well his company was doing at meeting each goal, in one intuitive document. As a result, the business owner could easily see with which goals and growth areas his company was struggling, and address any problems accordingly. The business owner is now “mapping out” a 5-year growth plan for his company using Mind Mapping, and he expects to achieve the same growth success with this plan as he has seen in the past year.

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