Podcasting, The Short Cut!

Podcasting is a method of publishing media files, such as audio or video, to the web. The method of podcasting is actually very easy.

First, a podcaster (i.e. a podcast publisher) would create an audio content, usually in mp3 or mp4 format, and then have it uploaded to a server. The podcast is then published as a news feed either in RSS, XML or Atom format. The listeners might then subscribe to a specific podcast that they like using a news-feed aggregator, which in turn updates them whenever new episodes are released. The readers might then hear or watch the podcast at his or her convenience.

What’s good regarding it and why should it be used?

A lot of people see fantastic potential in podcasting. First of all, it is fun to do. Many find podcasting as a new way of being creative. Being a new medium, that uses various types of media, people can now use various ways of disseminating info. No longer are people limited to typed text, they can now use their voice, their face, animation, or just about anything to tell people something. Now, instead of just writing about facts, you are able to now tell people issues they wish to know in ways that would keep them engrossed. It’s a great means of self expression.

Podcasting may still be in its infancy, but who knows for sure how big it may grow. Right now what people can say is that it is indeed growing faster than they have imagined. Podcasting could be the medium of the future, and taking advantage of its development could be one of the best decisions you would make.It is the creation of audio or video files for use on ipods and other mp3 players. It can reduce the amount of commuters by allowing information to be readily accessible from iPods. It is a very useful technology which can distribute any information on a worldwide scale.

Podcasting is one example of teaching methodology used in higher education. It is something new for the common Joe. Let’s use me has an example. It is different than traditional radio broadcasting. It is different from radio broadcasting or internet streaming of radio shows.

Podcasting is also a great way for busy, working parents to keep in touch with their children’s daily school activities. It is a low-cost message delivery platform, especially compared to other marketing communication.

To create an actual podcast file, you would need a microphone and a software program designed to record and save audio files into mp3 format. There are fairly a few of these obtainable on the web; and they’re free-of-charge.

Audio Recording and Editing Software enable you to record and edit sound as if you’re using a word processor.

These editing tools are required to enhance the quality of a podcasts.Common auditing editing tools are Audacity and GarageBand (Apple). Tegrity is a commercial service used by some colleges to capture classroom lectures to disseminate as podcasts.

Audacity is a extremely recommended tool. This free audio editing tool allows the recording of sound files from microphones or perhaps the editing and manipulations of existing sound files. Audacity works on both Windows and Mac.

Audio files may be in AAC or MP3 format with the appropriate file extension (.m4a or .mp3). Video files may be in MPEG-4 or H.264 format with the appropriate file extension (.mp4, .m4v, or .mov).

In the event you wish to know what’s the simplest way to get started with podcasting or what’s the very best software and microphone to make use of you are able to obtain further information per audio book download

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