Promote Your Accounting Business- Use First-Class Website Videos

A Professional Guarantees an Excellent Product

Using an expert video team ensures you’ll get a great website video. It also ensures that your message is accurate and concise. As you would expect, you need your CPA or accounting business to stand out from your competitors. Make sure that your video lifts you above the crowd. Your home page should have a video that introduces your CPA firm. It is a good idea to carve out a budget for a professional videographer. What type of services do you provide to your clients? Even if you’re trying to give that “I’m just a regular-old-guy or gal” feel to the video, a shaky camera without a tripod can make your visitors feel sea-sick. You don’t want to turn users away before they have a chance to check out your offerings, so if you think that hiring a pro will turn people on instead of off, then spend the extra money and hire a professional. The most important benefit of hiring a professional videographer is that the final product will be consistently high-quality and web ready.

It is possible to create great results yourself. Make sure you are using a high quality camera attached to a tripod. You will also need a high-quality microphone and video encoding software. For best results, you should always use plain backgrounds and good lighting.

Do You Have A Video Strategy? Before your video shoot, you’ll want to plan an effective strategy. Budgeting is very important. If your budget is small, consider a short video. If your budget is unlimited, you won’t be restricted on length. Generally, videos should be one to two minutes long. Viewers will not sit through four to five minutes of video content. You will also need to decide who is going to be in your video. It does not need to be a partner in your firm to effectively sell your firm’s services. As long as you feel that your employees can be a positive representation of your firm, you will likely pay them less than you’d pay professional talent.

Make it happen! Teach and Delight Your Audience: Above all, your video should contain content that is both relevant and interesting. A good video will hold and entertain your audience. There are literally hundreds of competing websites for accountants vying for your audience. To make yours stand out, make sure your video captures and holds visitors’ attention. You should also consider the tone of your video. Do you want to use humor? Some situations call for a more buttoned-up tone. Is yours one of those CPA firms? Both methods can be effective. Either way, what is important is that your video is realistic. The most successful website videos make use of the traffic that visits websites for accountants. They allow your visitors to make a personal connection with your firm. This builds trust and ultimately drives your visitors to action. A video that sounds like a sales pitch is going to flop. You will not convert visitors into customers with that strategy.

Share and Promote: Once your video is complete, promote it! Your video should be distributed to video sites like YouTube and Vimeo. They can be embedded right on your home page. These sites grant you an outstanding place to host your video. They also offer you a search engine friendly hyperlink to the websites for accountants that showcase them. Your site will benefit from the domain authority of the video distribution site, which will favorably list your video on SERPs.

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