The Usefulness Of Facebook SSL Report

Facebook SSL Report provides a solution to Facebook’s latest requirement stating that internet users will need to provide custom-made FB fan pages and apps with SSL (Secure Socket Layers). Facebook SSL Report instructs you on how you can safeguard your Facebook pages with SSL. To explain the idea fully and easily for non-technological folks, SSL is a security certificate and its main purpose would be to keep your personal data. This SSL security protocol carries out 2 significant things:

1) It codes information like web-based exchanges from server and site visitors. This includes passwords and contact information besides other private data
2) It gives you authentication and unique identification of your credentials as the site owner of the fan page

Presenting The Makers Of The Facebook SSL Report Training Guide

Facebook SSL Report is a an instructional guide prepared by Wilson Mattos and Jason Fladlien. These two developers are the people of Rapid Crush Software Club fame, who have been releasing a regular stream of useful products and services for the online entrepreneur.

A few examples of these products emerging from this software club include the 500in24 program, WP Twin Pro, How To Build Your First Email List Webinar, and also WP Fan Pro. In fact, if you have WP Fan Pro, you will be given Facebook SSL Report for free! Otherwise, you will need to spend $17 to acquire the useful guide.

Tips On How To Check For Secure Pages

It’s a rather simple matter to see if the site you are on is protected or not. Simply examine the browser towards the top of the computer screen to see if there is an https within the web address. Bank websites and official order pages of merchant sites are likely to be SSL enabled, and therefore possess the https within their addresses instead of just http. As a result, any dealings while on this particular web page are secured and will definitely be left private. To get some more information and tips regarding this post, please be sure you have a look at Facebook SSL Report.

The Primary Reason For SSL Enabled Facebook Fan Pages

The global acceptance of Facebook as a social network site makes it the preferred prey for hackers. To combat these ever-growing privacy and security risks, Facebook has found itself moving towards establishing a more secure and reliable operating system. A result of this thrust is that the Facebook management has intended the conversion to SSL certificates a requisite for its users.

Who Needs To Have Facebook SSL Report?

This move largely impacts internet entrepreneurs who have Facebook fan pages. Should you have a fan page complete with apps, special features, and any website content taken from your marketing sites, then you ought to have a look at Facebook SSL Report. If you are a fan page owner or an app designer, you certainly have to get Facebook SSl Report as well.

Facebook SSL Report: The Useful Handbook

Facebook SSL report is the instruction guide to follow in case you are an internet marketer who makes use of Facebook, but aren’t knowledgeable about the technological side of web marketing. People who are trying to find money-saving tips about choosing a web hosting service may also find the Facebook SSL report invaluable. If you decide you would like some other web resources on blogging , have a look at this page.

What You Can Get Out of Facebook SSL Report

What exactly is it that you get through the Facebook SSL Report? For a fee of $17.00 you have a .pdf file coaching you all about getting your fan page ready for SSL. It is made up of thirty pages of content. This consists of topics such as finding a domain, an IP, along with an SSL certificate. Additionally you are presented with screenshots as further instruction. This will make it less difficult to attempt the steps. The guide analyzes precisely why it’s not a workable solution to find a shared secure server. As an alternative, it offers particular recommendations with regards to where to find highly affordable web servers.

Moreover, you get to safeguard your websites, make certain that it is adequate by Facebook standards, and save the fan page, that you have worked hard to put in place, from getting taken out. Each one of these topics will be outlined within the Facebook SSL Report.>/em>

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