SEO With Google Penguin

Google Penguin, a new era for SEOs

What is the difference now with Penguin? SEO developers would say that the weight of Google 1. Some of the post that may be read are highly positioned that other ones just because these ones have more 1s.

Is this a Google tactic for promoting its Google social network? My answer's yes, and in by the way, I guess they will continue doing the same policy and far more.

It's often been said that Penguin will penalize your web pages when you'll promote an anchor text and will forget to add stuff like “see more here”. That may be wrong, that might be right.

The reality could be that SEO efforts must be concentrated in your principal keywords and, it might sound like a joke to accept that somebody with a good Page Ranking is going to link you because of your content.

Anchor texts in Penguin, the answer for google

What number of your links “appeared” due to art of wizardry? How many of links have been worked by yourself?

“Natural” Search engine optimization does not exist, and high ranked companies in Google would have a large amount of difficulties for explaining their link building system, it doesn't matters.

Solutions for Link Building: Penguin vs Panda

Google will continue basing its methodology in links: quality and quantity. If you attempt to develop a technique based in content, simply you're dead at the bottom of Google. It is possible to get a web page in the 1 Ranking in search engines without the keyword in the title, in the outline, without the keyword in content, with the keyword just once in h2, and all of the links with the same anchor text. Is this just casual? Perhaps, or maybe not.

Now, it’s time for testing more and build new strategies.

Abel Pardo Fernandez is Professor of Marketing and Digital Marketing at the University of Leon

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