10 Tips For Branding And Marketing In Sports!

A game like any other product is branded today and rides on the star power of the legends in the sport. The crowd-pulling power of the likes Tiger Woods despite his personal problems and resulting loss of form has not really dented his popularity. For formats like the Formula 1, stars like Vettel today, and Schumacher in the past, have added to the fan base around the world..
As sports marketing developed over the years, the PR machinery and the money involved have all sky-rocketed. Adding to this is the social media influence that has pervaded lives everywhere. The addition of social media has brought up the need to make a streamlined approach towards sports branding for the best return on investment factor..
Here are a few tips…

  1. Be active in social media. interact on facebook, twitter and Google + to connect and keep up the bonhomie with the fan base.
  2. Support fan clubs via social media pages and endorsing events and other programs by them
  3. Have online chats conducted with stars of the team and give fans ample opportunities to connect in real time with their heroes.
  4. Know your fan base or target area and focus on more interaction with this group
  5. Conduct contests and giveaways frequently
  6. Monitor social media campaigns daily, this is a dynamic field with a viral nature; the wrong information may take on a life of its own if not clarified well in advance.
  7. Include a Youtube channel with interesting behind the scenes footage and other fun clips of the stars along with great clips of the game.
  8. Reinforce statistical details and records of the stars and the game
  9. Trivia about the team, coaches, managers and mascots always make great impact with the fan base.
  10. Maintain a blog and interact within the comments and keep a watch on what is being discussed on the air waves.

So, there it is – it’s all about networking and CEOs like Richard Branson or Chris Niarchos constantly show how important it is, to be direct in marketing.

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