An Article Review About Switching Website Names

I?ve seen some valuable insights in a post from Shane Walker in Rapid SEO Expert talking about the dos and don’ts in preparing to change a website name.

In this circumstance, a person named Geegee possesses a particular site which is presently ranking on the first page of Google for her opted keywords and phrases. However, she has one more domain name in line and she wishes to make it as her principal domain name due to the fact she is planning to switch her web host

Given the conditions, she is a bit mixed up with regards to the risks she might face in the moment she implements her program. To get rid of her doubts, she submitted her concern in a community forum site particularly at and called for the help of SEO experts.

Shane Walker noticed her post and pointed out that every domain name is ranked separately and Google crawls at them diversely. In other words, if Geegee is aggressively planning to list that internet site, she must start from the begining and work her way up.

On the other hand, if Geegee is intending to shut down her main domain and execute a 301 redirect over her brand new domain, some attributes like page authority and page ranking of the previous domain will be passed down by the new domain. In addition, the new domain will also seize all the website traffic from the old one.

But if Geegee is only looking to change the site over a new website name, there is a possibility that Geegee could be fined for identical content since her previous domain is already in the index list of Google.

Shane understands that exact match domain names provide some benefits to a internet site. Even so, considering that Geegee is already rating for her prime key terms, Shane is certain that there is no point of transferring domains as Geegee is presently running the pace.

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