Get A Trademark To Protect Your Business And Build Your Brand

Any individual or company who wishes to get a trademark registered needs to have an understanding of the different categories under which a name, phrase or logo can acquire proper protection through the Trademark Act. Basically, there are 45 different categories where categories 1-34 deal with products while categories 35-45 address services. For example, in order for you to register the name of a product, it will definitely fit into any class between categories 1 and 34.

The complete process will not be hard and the majority of individuals find it very simple. Together with the assistance of an attorney, you can get a trademark in the quickest time possible. You simply need to have the essential information with you, which will help your attorney to register your trademark appropriately. The key issue is to have a logo, phrase or a name representing your product or services you would like to register.

You’ll in addition need to have an understanding of the laws governing the registration of names, phrases and logos as per the Trademark Act. A lawyer can be a lot more helpful in such situations. This will also include the filing process and appropriate basis through which you should file the application. For example, it will either be under the “use in commerce basis” or the “intent to use” basis.

Yet another important thing you must do is to check out if the trademark you want is available. This will be done by way of a search in the Trademark Electronic Search System USPTO Database, also referred to as “TESS.” The value of this procedure will be to further guarantee that there is no other individual or business claiming rights over the exact same trademark under exactly the same class of either products or services. If you notice that there’s a different company using the same name, you will have the opportunity to look for a different name or logo.

It is also important to understand that there is a registration charge that ranges from around $275 to $325. The amount of money you are going to be required to pay for you to get a trademark will vary depending on several things. Those include the total number of classes where your marks fall, the version of the form being used as well as the number of marks getting registered.

Getting a trademark for your products or services plays a very critical role for every company. It saves time and expense in instances where a dispute may come up. Additionally, in the event that an investor would like to invest in your company, he’ll want to know that the company’s intellectual property rights are protected.

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