Online To Offline Conversion Monitoring

Tracking online conversions is in no way easy, it’s not like you can just have a quick peek at your analytics every now and again, you should look in detail at which pages are performing well and which could do with some fine tuning.  To complicate things, there are a number of customers that have queries they need resolving, or prefer to finish their purchase offline.  If you aren’t keeping track of all the conversions that happen as a consequence of your website, you aren’t getting an overall picture of if your online marketing is creating sales.
Phone call tracking is fast becoming an important bit of web analytics and conversion rate optimisation.  Using call tracking technology in conjunction with website analytics can connect clicks and calls, and give you a richer picture of how well your campaigns are converting browsers to buyers.
Compared to click-based conversions, tracked phone calls are considered a data rich source of customer feedback and the information obtained from call tracking can help a business refine both online and offline advertising materials, by allocating a unique number to each website visitor so that you can track their progress through the sales process, and give each offline campaign a unique phone number so that you can see a call originated from that particular campaign.  The other option is asking each lead and customer where they found your business.  if you do this you will not just get a ambigious reply, you may get an incorrect one.
The use of call tracking services to review online-to-offline conversions has in the past only been available to larger companies that have the resources available for a custom solution but now it can be scalable and run with automated and easy to view reporting options, opening it up to the small-to-medium business market.  They can also provide easy integration options to work alongside your other web analytics, as well as not requiring any extra software, saving you further costs.
Using call tracking solutions supplies you with the opportunity to monitor your marketing’s efficiency as well as giving you the chance to view the areas of your site are producing leads.  Telephone calls can have a greater conversion rate, and by providing a phone number you are increasing your chance of a sale, at the same time as still being able to constantly get a complete overview of the success of your marketing mix.

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