What is “Net Metering” & Why Do Utilities Use It?

Net metering is a policy.

Utilities employing this policy allow homeowners to be reimbursed for the full value of the electricity that their solar energy system produces.

Net metering also refers to the method of accounting for a photovoltaic (PV) solar system’s electricity production. Homeowners with PV solar panel systems offset their electric bill with electricity produced by the PV system on their property.

As the homeowner’s PV system produces electricity, the kilowatts are used first to meet any immediate electric requirements (e.g., appliances, lights, air conditioner, spa, pool ) in the home and on the property. The excess electricity produced from the PV system then is fed into the utility grid for credit when the sun is not shining or periods of higher than normal electrical usage during the year.

Utilities employ this policy for a couple of reasons.

1. To avoid having to build infrastructure necessary to meet demand during peak usage periods. For example in the desert southwest when the temperatures soar in the summer nearly everyone with air conditioning turns it on. To avoid power outages utility companies must either build power plants to meet demand for 40-90 days out of the year, or pay outside companies for electricity at higher prices to meet demand. With sufficient numbers of solar systems within the utility providers grid, ideally,the utility provider is able to meet demand without capital expenditures for power plants or be forced to pay inflated prices to other electricity producers.

2. Statutes in an increasing number of states mandate that utilities must allow independent power producers to be interconnected with the utility grid, and utilities must reimburse solar producers for excess electricity they generate.

SolarJoules Team Sign Up 100 Solar Rental Applicants

Southern California Edison clients love the idea of using solar panels instead of burning fossil fuels. AskAME tagged along with Reggie Rasmussen's SolarJoules team to see just how the whole thing works. The article follows:

The concept of solar panel rentals was well received by Southern California Edison and Riverside utility customers introduced to it by this weekend by the SolarJoules sales team at the Perris Home & Garden Fair.

Reggie and Ecoprenuers Steve Laurvick and Jorge Bernal signed up 100 applicants to the "Citizenre Forward Rental Application (FRA)."

"We had a record breaking weekend," said team leader Reggie Rasmussen, "It was 100 on the nose." He was referring to the number of potential clients signed up to a unique solar panel rental business model of a company by the name of Citizenre.

In the process of finding parties who are interested in renting solar panel systems with no upfront fees rather than buying solar systems out of pocket or financing sytems that generally cost $30,000 -$40,000.

Rasmussen was busy training team SolarJoules newest member Jorge Bernal, who signed a total of 30 new customers for the solar rental system program.

"Should all houses qualify for our solution Jorge stands to earn $54,000 or more over the next 25 years from his first two days on the job ," said Rasmussen, "Not bad for two days work."

Customers have to get in line though. To date over 20,000 interested parties have signed up knowing they will have to wait close to a year for a Citizenre Solar Engineer to come to their house for an analysis.

If readers want to sign up they can do so at: www.SolarJoules.com

"This is a tremendously easy product to sell," said Laurvick, "There are no upfront costs and for most of the customers of Southern California Edison here at the Perris show they will be saving $50-$175 a month when the solar system goes up on their property."

You can become part of the SolarJoules solution too. "We are actively seeking out new Ecoprenuers and adding training material to the site all the time," Reggie says, "If anyone wants to learn more just go to www.SolarJoules.com and fill out the request form."
Solar panel rental system explained at Perris California show Citizenre Solar Booth Manned by Rental Solar Panel Sales Manager Reggie Rasmussen Solar Panel Rental Agreements Record Set with 100 FRA Signatures at Perris solar panel rental program explained.

Click to enlarge photos of the Solar Panel Rental program SolarJoules sales team 9/22/2007.

Article and photographs by AskAME.com

Fantasy Sleepers & Busts 2007

www.BigDogsBlog.info fantasy football commission Barry "Big Dog" Simon gives you his bets for under rated and off the radar running backs, quarterbacks and wide receivers in this years fantasy draft, as well as those your better off avoiding.

Reggie Rasmussen Interview: Solar Panel Installation Program

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Barry Simon Interview on Tandem Running Backs

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