Internet Marketing for Information Technology Companies: Proven Online Techniques That Increase Sales and Profits for Hardware, Software, and Networking Companies

Internet Marketing for Information Technology Companies: Proven Online Techniques That Increase Sales and Profits for Hardware, Software, and Networking Companies
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Internet Marketing for Information Technology Companies: Proven Online Techniques That Increase Sales and Profits for Hardware, Software, and Networking Companies

How To Make Money Fast – Black Hat Marketing Is Back!

In order to give your online business a solid chance of being successful in the first place you must first get the basics right. I’m talking about having a solid Strategic Plan that you can put into action, one baby step at a time.

Yet, more than 90% of the businesses that I evaluate for prospects, clients, and students never get the basics right. Most don’t have any sort of plan whatsoever. Why do so many of them get them wrong?

Well, it’s not their fault, actually. I blame it on all the gurus and info product creators. They only tell you one little part of the picture. Take a look at The Right Side of Black Hat is Back Revealed.

For some reason, they all forget to tell you all these critical little details — the ones that make ALL the difference between making $100 per week and making $10,000 per week!

I think that many of them simply leave out these details because they don’t truly realize it themselves.

For so many of the gurus out there — the guys who are already making 7 figures per year in their business — their success came about more by accident than on purpose.

They were in the right place at the right time. They knew the right person – a Joint Venture partner who had a list of 1 million or more and could get them started easily. But because their success was by accident, they don’t have a way for anyone to duplicate it.

Sure, they can share the details of what they did and make money from doing it. But the people who BUY that information can’t make any money with it at all!

Success that comes about by helping others build their own business is the success that will last for a long time because your reputation will be affected by all the word of mouth advertising that you will get as well as your name being recognized by someone when they see it and they will gladly buy anything from you.

This is a strategic way to build a business system because it will be a system that will last a long time and something that you can pass along to the next generation of family because your name brand is already on it.

It is so important to offer good products to people that you can put your name on. This is where many gurus fail. All they are thinking about is making money and not making life time customers. A specific system and plan in place is the recipe of on-going success that you can document in an ebook, video or other format that people can duplicate over and over again.

Last month was crazy… my inbox was STUFFED with all kinds of promotions for those big MEGA-LAUNCHES. I’m sure all those guys made a million bucks with their launch. But the thing I keep wondering is what happens to the little guy? Can just plain regular folks win with those kinds of launches? My answer would be yes, but only with honesty and being forthright can we begin to see the possibilities and opportunities to help these kinds of people when we get to the guru status instead of continuing down the path of selfishness.

Doing Joint Ventures is fine, but make sure you plan who you will JV with and what works and what doesn’t. Don’t do it because of the money. Do it because you want to help people.

This is why I love to talk about Google Dominator, which helps people to learn how I got all 10 spots on the Front Page of Google in less than 1 hour. It is all documented from start to finish that anyone can implement and make money for themselves.

I also love to talk about the Black Hat SEO – Black Hat is Back Strategic plan executed by Howie Schwartz, who is not only any kind of guru making a six figure income, but this guy invites people into his home to teach them how he made his six figure income in no uncertain terms.

I invite to take a look at the Google Dominator and Black Hat is Back at The Black Hat SEO Tools that are legal to see how you, too, can make money online using proven strategic plans that work.

The Problem With Internet Marketing Newbies

Internet Marketing newbies are those who form the largest portion of those who fail to make a living on the internet. This article is to help newbies not only survive but succeed and ultimately make a living online. If you are a newbie, chances are, these characteristics describe you.

You dream of making a lavish, full-time income on the internet, mostly on autopilot. This allows you the freedom to live the kind of lifestyle you desire without financial worries.

You are on many, many lists. Every Online Marketing guru has your name and email address on their lists. As a result, you get bombarded with at least 100 emails from these guys everyday.

You are on the internet everyday trying to figure out how to run a successful online business. You probably learn new things almost daily. You are constantly watching videos, listening to audios or reading e-books learning the newest money-making system on the internet.

You buy more info-products, software, scripts, systems, 'how-to' methods etc than you actually use. As a result, you have tons of PLR, MRR and RR e-books, the latest software and scripts, memberships to all sorts of programs that promise to be the silver bullet that answers the basic question, "What Must I Do To Succeed On The Internet?" sitting in your hard drive gathering virtual dust.

The combined effect of these characteristics is information overload and analysis paralysis. In other words, you hardly take any action based on what you already know or have in hand. You may think this article is irrelevant to you because you do take action. If that is so then why are you not succeeding beyond your wildest dreams? And why is there such a high failure rate (some say as high as 95%) among internet marketers?

The reason is that 'take action' is far more than just putting up a webpage, setting up your autoresponder, writing some articles, bidding on keywords in Adwords, advertising on Craigslist or even creating your own product. All these are necessary but the way to big bucks online is far more than that. Here's what to do:

Firstly, reduce the number of lists you're on. Do not worry about losing out on the latest information. You already have enough information to put yourself on the path to success if you just use whatever you've got now instead of perpetually reading, studying and learning the so-called latest method in internet marketing. Do you think the gurus got to where they are by constantly reading e-books without doing actual marketing?

Secondly, spend your time such that it gives maximum returns everyday. Reading e-books, watching videos and listening to podcasts are good but they don't make you any money in itself (not to mention it takes half a day for some videos to download). Website design and creating graphics do not make you money by itself. All these activities are essential but if you spend too much time on them, you drastically minimize your income potential. You must proportion your time wisely between that which actually makes you money and that which does not.

Thirdly, focus on taking action, one step at a time. Every Internet Marketing project involves roughly the same steps. Find a profitable niche, identify keywords, create your own or find an affiliate product, create your website with a lead-capture form, drive traffic and track your progress. Thereafter, build a relationship with those who subscribe to your list through a series of emails. Do not merely shove offer after offer down their throats but be personal and give good tips and contents that would benefit your subscribers.

Most Online Marketing gurus say that making money on the internet is not rocket science. Actually, it's true. The steps above are simple but if done regularly, will produce results sooner or later. It sure beats all the hit-and-miss efforts that so many newbies make, that result in ultimate failure. Online success comes by doing the right things the right way.