Discover How Twitter Is Fighting The Recession

There are not many businesses, (or indeed individuals), currently trading that do not have some sort of presence on Twitter. It is not hard to understand why; Twitter is fast becoming the social networking platform of choice for all of us.

If, by chance, you aren't familiar with Twitter, you can easily locate a quick Twitter introduction online.

That is not to say that other platforms do not have a place; of course they do. Twitter would not be anywhere near as much fun if we were all forced to use it; human nature, (rip MJJ), if nothing else.

The secret to its success is not really much of a secret really; being down to the simplicity of it. Once logged in, you are free to do what you wish from the comfort of your home page.

Direct public messages can be sent with the inclusion of the @ symbol and then the user name of whomever it is you wish to, whilst private messages can be sent in much the same way; substituting the @ for a D.

Because of this, (and the sheer novelty value perhaps), most people build up a network of followers in decent numbers, quickly.  If you have your own website or blog, you can also attract very relevant followers by posting a follow me on twitter button on it.

There are few businesses that would not find that Twitter is useful to them; I actually cannot think of any as I write. Although many businesses may benefit from membership more than others; that is not a reason for not being twitted up and getting your musings out there.

But anyone can join the Twittering party; be it to inform of the latest range of clothes; discounted hotel rates at short notice, or simply to advise a traffic jam in your area.

It would not be too risky of me to suggest other networking sites will come online, and is therefore not too risky to suggest Twitter will be superceded. However, as of right now Twitter is the best in its field. Happy Tweeting!