Business Search Engine Optimization Tools: How to Submit to EzineArticles

Business Search Engine Optimization Tools: How to Submit to EzineArticles

One of the best ways to promote your business is to use business search engine optimization. One of the best seo methods is to submit an Ezine article in

The site is a directory of articles written by authors on a number of different topics. The articles are classified according to categories, which makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for. To do this, first, go to Find the Join Now button so that you can fill it out with your login information, including your phone number, which you can make up or put in your own. For instance, the name that you are using is John Ashton. You will see immediately if the user name is taken, in such case, try replacing it with another name. After filling out the information (and answering the question as to how you heard about the site), click Create My Account. Your account is immediately created. Then, log-in using the information that you just filled out.

After logging in, you will immediately see your dashboard, where you can change the settings and do all relevant stuff. You may also immediately submit an article after your account creation. To do that, go the Submit an Article and click it. You will then be asked for the category of your article to be submitted. Choose anything that is relevant to your article. In this tutorial, your topic is related to food so select the Food and Drink category, then click another sub-category, like Cooking Tips. After that, you will be asked to input your article title. The key here is that you should have a ready article already made before going to the site, it is easier and saves a great deal of time. Paste your title in the space provided. Make sure that your title is keyword rich. You don’t have to put in the exact keyword as long as your title consists those that are related to your keywords. If your article is about barbecue tips, you can have an article titled Top Ten BBQ tips. Then, you will be asked to provide two to five sentence summary of your article.

Remember this site has been diligent in making sure that all content submitted is unique and valuable, and this is why Google, Bing and other search engines know the content is relevant and a top business search engine optimization tool.

You can just take a few sentences from the article that you’ve written and paste it here. Normally, the best way to go is to select the first five sentences from your article body. As you paste the sentences, the number of words is automatically counted. Then, paste your article body in the space provided. You can turn on the Wysiwyg, which is easier compared with the HTML view. Your article should be anywhere from 250 to 700 words. Ezine has rules as to the number of words that your article should contain and other guidelines on how your article should go. Check the rules so that your article will be approved immediately without need for revision. Then, on the keywords space, type in your main keywords. In the sample article, you may key in barbecue tips, BBQ, how to BBQ, and other related words that other people are using when they are searching for tips related to barbecue.

The last portion is the author’s signature or resource box, considered as the most important area when you submit an Ezine article. The resource box is usually three sentences long where you place text back links, or those links which will direct the reader to your website. For instance, you may write something like BBQ Tips is brought to you by barbecue experts at this site. If your keyword phrase is barbecue experts, create a back link for that directing your readers to your site. In every article that you write, you have to use the same html or link, although you can change the words in between the quotations marks. In creating your back link, put in a hrefy in the front and last part of the text that you are trying to format. This may be a little technical if you are just starting with html. Look at it as a sort of formatting your keywords into boldface or italics, but instead of the computer doing it for you, you are the one who do it manually. So type a href, enclosed by the less than and greater than symbols at the beginning, followed by equal sign. Do not put a space between the word href and equal sign. Then, open and closed quotation marks. Type the link inside the quotation marks. At the end, there be a forward slash, then another a, enclosed again by the less than and greater than symbols. Don’t worry, once you are familiar with this, it gets easier. Achieve to have two back links in this part of the article. You may use different phrases, so for the other link, you can use How to Cook on a Grill. Make sure to spell check your article so that it’s error-free. After which, click the Submit Article button, ticking the Yes I Agree part.

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