How to Get your Name and Product Brand Out to People

Online Marketing Guy Steve Laurvick with consultant Sandi Masori on How to Get your Name and Product Brand Out to People. Okay, so first of all it’s not optional to have a website. You must have a website. Having a website does not mean that because you built it they would come. But you must have a website as just a very minimum thing. And then, I would say that the next thing you should do, I mean besides obviously setting yourself up on social media, the next thing that you should do is sit down and plan your video strategy and plan maybe 20 videos at a time that you’re going to send out one a week.

Ideally for sure sending to YouTube that ideally you can send them to multiple video sites. And you’re thinking like, “Oh my gosh, this is such a big commitment.” You don’t have to do it over 20 weeks. Take one day, film everything. Chop it up and then schedule it to drip out one a week. Now you don’t have to think about it for five months.

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