Create Irresistable Offers Based on Customer Feedback

Online Marketing Guy Steve Laurvick with consultant Rob Cuesta on How to Create Irresistable Offers Based on Customer Feedback. For one thing, if you are charging the market rate, then you are charging, you’re letting your competitors set your prices for you. If you are running your prices past anybody else, you know, the other people – who else do we ask? We ask our customers. Well, our customers aren’t interested in our profits so if we ask them, you know, “What should we be charging for this, they’re going to give us the lowest price possible.”

And I talk about, we talk a lot about unique sales propositions and people had come to the realization that, “Yeah, I’ve got to have a USP about why my business is unique.” I actually talk about five different propositions that you can make, way beyond just the sales proposition. And you’ve got to look at every aspect of the offer that you’re making and tweak that to make it as appealing and as high value as possible.

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