Create Irresistable Offers Based on Customer Feedback

Online Marketing Guy Steve Laurvick with consultant Rob Cuesta on How to Create Irresistable Offers Based on Customer Feedback. For one thing, if you are charging the market rate, then you are charging, you're letting your competitors set your prices for you. If you are running your prices past anybody else, you know, the other people – who else do we ask? We ask our customers. Well, our customers aren't interested in our profits so if we ask them, you know, “What should we be charging for this, they're going to give us the lowest price possible.”

And I talk about, we talk a lot about unique sales propositions and people had come to the realization that, “Yeah, I've got to have a USP about why my business is unique.” I actually talk about five different propositions that you can make, way beyond just the sales proposition. And you've got to look at every aspect of the offer that you're making and tweak that to make it as appealing and as high value as possible.

How to Use Adwords and Make Sure That You’re Making the Most From the Money You Spend

Online Marketing Guy Steve Laurvick with consultant Rob Cuesta on How to Use Adwords and Make Sure That You're Making the Most From the Money You Spend. Getting a click could be very difficult and very expensive. And again, that's because people weren't picking their keywords properly and doing the right research. And the thing that made it really expensive was people – what people were sending traffic to bad pages. Most companies are still doing it. They pay for traffic and they send them to a home page. Well, the home page, you know, somebody will look around. And when somebody comes to your website, you got eight seconds before they decide to leave or not.

So you got eight seconds to grab their attention. And about 50% of the traffic that you send is going to leave if there's nothing there to take, to grab their attention. Well, if you look at a typical home page, it's cluttered. It's vague. It has – there's nothing moving. It's static. So people go there and just go, “Ack. I can't be bothered to read through all this. I can see 40 different links on the menu. I'm out of here.” And so that immediately doubles the cost of your clicks.

How to Keep up with Internet Marketing

Online Marketing Guy Steve Laurvick with consultant Rob Cuesta on how to keep up with internet marketing. A lot of – if you trace the history of the way the web had developed, you can actually spot where people have got stuck. There are still businesses that are stuck with a brochure website, you know. They started their website back in the early 2000s and that was it.

The next stage was as more competition came on, search engines suddenly became popular, and SEO and you've got people who are stuck in the world of I'll just cram every search term that I can into the front page of my website and hope Google loves me for it. And nowadays, of course, what's actually happening is they're being punished by Google for that, and they can't understand why people have stopped coming to their website. So there are places that are stuck in that mindset still.

Give your Business that Edge over Competitors

Online Marketing Guy Steve Laurvick with consultant Rob Cuesta on tips on how to give your business that edge over your competitors. People come to our website. They don't want to be bored by how wonderful your product is and how many widgets it's gotten, how much they'll get out of it. It's what's my problem and is this a solution to my problem? So even doing making was a massive revolution for clients back then.

And as more and more people came online, that became even more important because suddenly, they weren't the only show in town. And so that was what made them stand out for visitors of the website.