Should I be marketing with youtube? Google Hangouts & Youtube will feed you clients

Should I be marketing with youtube? Google Hangouts & Youtube will feed you clients

Should I be marketing with youtube?

Making your own video?  That sounds like fun doesnít it?  A large number of internet users, ones of all different ages, are making the decision to make their own videos.  Many of these videos are used to share information with others, showcase a favorite scene from one of their favorite television shows, express their beliefs, or just make a comedy video.  If you are interested in making your own video, whatever the purpose of that video is, you are advised to start thinking about video ideas.

However, it is understood that many people who want to make powerful web videos simply don't have the time to sit around and map out every detail of the video.  While doing so guarantees that you will have a aesthetically pleasing video, there is a simpler way to organize your web video.  Before you ever begin to film, you must first have a shooting, or concept, script.  Whether you literally write down dialogue that you want to say, or if you just need to organize your thoughts, always write a shooting script for a web video. 

If you are making a video for a product that you are selling, than you will want to explain the product clearly, and also demonstrate the product.  This is one of the greatest aspects of web video, individuals are actually able to see the product in action before purchasing it.

With your shooting script, you will also want to lay out where you want to film the video and how many people are needed.  You may find that you can do this all yourself, however, usually the more people that you have helping you the easier the project will be, and the better the ending result will also be.  While many people do not understand how to compose a professional shot, it is very easy to learn.  When you are looking through your camera, what you see in the screen is what will be recorded.  Take a moment before you begin filming to make sure that everything in the "frame" is what you want to be seen.

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